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RGT is on our Radar

Good Morning Everyone,

If Global Remote Technologies (CSE : RGT) is not on your radar, it’s time you take a good look at it. Some of the largest players in the oil and gas industry have put their trust in RGT and so should you.

RGT has been providing customized and advanced drilling tools for the industry for years, but their Helix Jetting Tool has propelled them forward in a big way.

RGT’s game-changing Helix Jetting Tool has not only increased efficiency out in the field, it has increased profitability for the company and earnings for shareholders.

Every major oil company that has used the Helix tools and technology has had significant positive results. The numbers speak for themselves:

  • a 3-60% reduction in job length
  • a 13-20% increase in flow volume
  • at least a 50% increase in cleaning effectiveness
  • a 35-92% improvement in well performance

With these results, it’s no wonder the industry has taken notice! RGT is making inroads and is only set to grow at an even stronger pace with this latest technology.

We are highly recommending RGT. Don’t miss out on this one!

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